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Transformation Through Data, Psychology, and Algorithms


iMatchative is the San-Francisco based parent company of AltX, a brand with a track record for using science and technology to drive better decisions and transform businesses in a variety of industries through superior data aggregation, behavioral psychology, and algorithms.


The alpha.NET version of the AltX business tool was experiencing performance inefficiencies due to the natural, organic growth of the startup. High Seas was brought on as a strategic partner. Our objective was to enhance the engineering team with talented senior developers and architects, and to revamp the company’s complex data management system.

Laptop showing page from IMatchative fintech web app.

We rewrote the AltX product in Django/Flask & AngularJS, and in a short amount of time, were able to streamline processes and improve the user interface by incorporating sophisticated new products and features. Our team augmented iMatchative’s existing resources to quickly make sense of the existing code and ensure a seamless transition to a sustainable, stable, and scalable system.

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In addition to improving the system with new, complex financial dashboards and analytics features, we improved UI design and overall product quality. Our team implemented service-level, backend, database, and administrative tools to increase performance, make the code more manageable, and ensure an optimized user experience. iMatchative’s system now enables the team to respond to customer feedback more easily and to expand much more quickly and efficiently in line with their business objectives.

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We had a complex financial web application that needed a rewrite and new features on a very short schedule. High Seas brought in a team of expert developers who hit the ground running and helped us achieve every deadline. They worked closely with my team and were partners every step of the way.

Christian McCarrick

CTO iMatchative


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