Navigating the Crucial Waters of Website Accessibility: A Must for Modern Businesses
Michael Myers, High Seas

Michael Myers

November 27, 2023

Navigating the Crucial Waters of Website Accessibility

In the digital age, a website is more than just a business card; it's a gateway to your brand. As the number of lawsuits against companies for lack of website accessibility rises, it’s become clear that ensuring your website is accessible to all is not just a moral obligation, it's a business necessity.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a rising tide of legal requirements regarding site accessability. As a result, a surge of lawsuits have been filed. Statistics regarding these new requirements emphasize the need to make sure your site is complient today:

  • Legal Action: Recent years have seen a significant increase in lawsuits related to ADA non-compliance. In 2018 alone, there was a 181% increase in ADA digital accessibility lawsuits from the previous year.
  • High-Profile Cases: Major companies, including international retailers and financial institutions, have faced legal challenges regarding their website's accessibility, leading to costly settlements and reputational damage.
  • Global Importance: Beyond the ADA, global regulations like the European Union’s Web Accessibility Directive highlight the international focus on digital inclusivity.

The Business Case for Accessibility

  • Extended Market Reach: Over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. By making your website accessible, you tap into a wider market.
  • Improved User Experience: Accessible websites tend to have a clearer and more user-friendly interface, benefiting all users, not just those with disabilities.
  • Brand Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity can enhance your brand image and customer loyalty.
  • SEO Benefits: An ADA complient site is also more SEO complient, which results in reaching even more potential customers.

High Seas: Charting the Course to Accessibility

At High Seas, while we utilize tools like Accessibe for efficient compliance, our primary focus is on a holistic approach to website accessibility. Our services encompass:

  • Comprehensive Accessibility Audits: We conduct thorough reviews to identify areas where your website may not meet ADA standards.
  • Customized Solutions: Beyond tools, we offer tailor-made adjustments to ensure your website is accessible while maintaining its aesthetic and functional integrity.
  • Strategic Implementation: We integrate accessibility into your website’s design and functionality without compromising on quality or brand identity.

Start Your Accessibility Journey

The path to a fully accessible website might seem daunting, but with High Seas, you’re in expert hands. Begin with a free ADA Compliance Report from High Seas. This report will provide you with an initial assessment and actionable insights.

Remember, website accessibility is not just about avoiding legal pitfalls; it’s about embracing a future where everyone has equal access to digital content. Partner with High Seas to ensure that your website is not only compliant but also a beacon of inclusivity and innovation.

Michael Myers, High Seas
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Michael Myers


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