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Forging a new course is easier with a knowledgeable crew. With twenty years of experience, High Seas is dedicated to bringing our clients’ ideas to life. Our web designers, mobile app developers, and strategists bring their varied backgrounds together to form a flexible team with a comprehensive understanding of how art and technology can unite.

Our approach to every project is built on a dedication to crafting experiences that engage customers every time. We encourage each other to hone our expertise and stay on top of the latest trends. As a team, we seek continual improvement so we can consistently create inspired solutions.

 Team Member: Michael Myers

Michael Myers

 Team Member: Joe Auer

Joe Auer

 Team Member: Bill Storage
Board Advisor

Bill Storage

 Team Member: Amanda Marcotte
Project Director

Amanda Marcotte

 Team Member: Rebecca Kauffman
Creative Director

Rebecca Kauffman

Team Member: Craig Marcussen
Lead Front-End Development

Craig Marcussen

Spotlight Image: Michael Myers
Michael Myers / Partner

Leading an Expedition

We chart your brand’s course from concept, to code, to campaign. Our interactive solutions don’t just end at launch. We’re here to inspire you through strategic planning, development, deployment, online marketing, and beyond. The journey begins with our first meeting.

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