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Leveraging a Product into a Lifestyle Brand

The Client

Keto-Mojo is a Napa Valley-based company founded by Dorian Greenow and his wife, Gemma Kochis, who, after having personally experienced the life changing benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, wanted to give back and “be the change” for others; to help bring optimal health to people and the planet.

Stunned by the high cost of existing blood ketone and glucose testing options, and feeling that the industry needed to be disrupted, they developed FDA approved testing meters and testing strips that were not only more accurate but also more affordable than any of their competition, reducing testing costs by over 75%.

The meter kits were quickly embraced by the ketogenic community after the initial launch in 2017. Keto-Mojo is more than just a meter, however. At the heart of their mission is their goal to make the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, approachable, and enjoyable. They’re passionately committed to sharing - sharing important keto community news, science, studies, how-tos, videos, great keto recipes, products they love, and profiles of inspiring people.

The company continues to grow as a full-featured Keto lifestyle resource - with a focus on “spreading keto news, information, tools, and understanding, so that people can make changes that will allow them to live longer, fuller – healthier lives.”

Tablet device screen displaying the Keto-Mojo site.
Keto-Mojo UX site structure and page hierarchy.
The Project

The Keto-Mojo team came to us with an ambitious vision: build a content-rich, information-focused website that would leverage their product brand into a digital lifestyle experience. Their goal, first and foremost, is to become the industry leaders in keto resources.

With an existing Shopify ecommerce site that had outgrown its content and design, Keto-Mojo needed a new solution to elevate their wealth of articles, recipes, and videos without sacrificing their product sales.
The existing Shopify product catalog also posed a unique challenge: with an established, and booming shopping and checkout site, Keto-Mojo  needed a strategy to minimize disruption, while also working quickly to meet a European launch deadline.

The Approach

In keeping with Keto-Mojo’s goals, their meters and testing strip products are not the focus of their new resource-rich experience. We developed, instead, a 3-part strategy that would nurture sales as a natural byproduct:

  1. Build a supportive keto community in order to empower, educate and encourage the user.
  2. Provide resources such as how-to videos,recipes, health news, and downloadable infographic guides to help users get started. We developed the My Mojo Macros Calculator and also My Mojo Health, which integrates data from the Keto-Mojo meter to the user’s dashboard.
  3. Create affiliate programs and other relationships with respected health writers and speakers.
Laptop displaying screen from Keto-Mojo web app.

With such rich and varied content, WordPress was the obvious choice to give Keto-Mojo’s team full control and the ability to keep their resources fresh. It was clear that a healthy dose of deliberate content and user strategy was also needed, to ensure clear workflows and a streamlined experience; to guide the user to their desired information with ease.

High Seas Digital Strategist and User Experience Lead collaborated to marry the content with user intentions. We established a hierarchy that would allow for a wealth of content to be presented effectively; not only for a variety of user levels, but also optimized for Google’s efficient indexing.From here, our visual design team crafted an evolution of the Keto-Mojo brand experience to bring a more sophisticated look to the site and convey editorial & product integrity.

Desktop screens displaying the Keto-Mojo website.
Various benefits from the Keto-Mojo glucose meter.
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Active individuals benefit greatly from the Keto-Mojo site and products.

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