Custom Software Development Designed for Smooth Sailing

Drive Business Efficiency

Our dedicated crew creates brilliantly designed interactive custom enterprise software solutions that alleviate pressure from your busy in-house team and allow you to focus on your core business objectives.

Streamline Internal Operations

Our crew members are experts at what we do, just like you’re an expert at what you do. Leverage our wit, grit, and creative spirit to focus your team on the core product and streamline your custom enterprise software development for maximum efficiency.

Ideal Development Solutions

We offer great value for our quality, high-end designs, and foundationally sound technical solutions. From concept to completion, our expert crew will set your sails on a course for success with the wind at your back and calm seas on the horizon.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our structurally sound apps sail smoothly into the hands of users, providing value, intuitive design, and cross-platform compatibility. Whatever device they choose, your users will have access to the same app capabilities and User Experience.

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Featured Case Study

Software Solutions for Operational Efficiency in Luxury Real Estate

We reimagined Luxury Bay Area real estate agency Paragon’s workflow processes based on their most critical current needs and future goals to create an all-in-one internal operations solution that removed barriers and made daily activities a breeze for staff and agents. As a result, team morale skyrocketed, and countless work hours were saved, giving Paragon the extra strength they needed to firmly establish themselves as the Bay Area luxury real estate leader.

Our Enterprise Application Development Life Cycle

High Seas: Methodology


Information gathering and assessment processes clarify the business, brand, and marketing problems we will solve and augment. Discovery includes identifying business goals, current market conditions, target audiences and assessing existing technology infrastructure and marketing efforts.


We set measurable goals and expectations after information gathering and analysis in the Discovery phase. Defining may entail Stakeholder and Customer interviews and UX/CX research and testing to evaluate the state and functionality of existing technologies.


Our developers begin building custom enterprise software to solve your challenges, address pain points using the most effective programming languages for your specific needs, and apply techniques and methodologies to streamline the process. 


Before enterprise application development is considered complete and software deploys, it undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing. Testing validates that we’ve met project goals and requirements, resolved any design and development issues, and the UX/UI meets design and functionality expectations. 


Software and application development is ongoing, with continuous updates, patches, and refining of product features in subsequent software iterations. Iterations are typically one or two-week development cycles focused on refining and implementing subsets of features and software capabilities. Usability Testing guides each iteration towards achieving desired UI and UX functionalities. 

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing are methods employed for Usability Testing to find the most successful variations of a page or application. Testing ensures the best-performing combinations are enabled in the final iteration of enterprise app development for the most successful user experience. 


Software maintenance, such as updates and patches, are enacted as needed as part of our enterprise software development services. Upon request, we will provide ongoing support to ensure your software is always optimally tuned.

High Seas is a Cut Above with Curated Software Solutions

Consciously Customized

We chart a fresh course for each custom enterprise software engineering project. This gives us the flexibility to always take the most efficient course. Our enterprise software and application development company build best-fit solutions for solving all your core business challenges.

Innovative Solutions

We fluidly integrate creative and technological solutions to develop an intuitive custom enterprise software that answers the call of your business’s primary objectives with sophistication and efficiency in every aspect. 

Collaborative Partnerships

Boutique agency client service meets big agency design expertise. We deliver the stylistic and UX/UI functionalities you expect with the personalized service and attention to detail you’ve been missing. 

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Together we navigate the best course for achieving success and ensure each project reaches its ideal destination on time by leveraging our wealth of experience and technical expertise across a wide variety of disciplines.

Set Sail with Us on Your Next Enterprise Software Development Journey.

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The High Seas team helped us make critical business decisions and come up with creative solutions beyond our expectations. Whenever we need to pull in extra help to get projects out the door we know we can rely on High Seas to deliver expertise, solid strategic approach, excellent recommendations, and solid dedication.

Christian McCarrick

VP of Engineering Telmate

Flexible Software Solutions for Robust Enterprise Development

We utilize a collection of industry-defined best practices, tools, and technologies for custom enterprise software and application development. Our crew is fully versed in a wide range of technical disciplines with expertise in every aspect of the following tools and technologies. 

We stand ready to craft the custom enterprise apps and streamlined software solutions you’ve dreamt of that can better navigate your business to sail smoothly into the future.


Java, Python, PHP


ASP.NET, Node.js, Ruby on Rails

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5

Database Management

SQL (MySQL, Azure SQL, etc) & NoSQL (MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc)


iOS, Android, React Native

Front End

HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React


AWS, Firebase, Microsoft Azure


Usability testing, simple A/B testing, multivariate testing


Figma, Zeplin, Adobe Creative Cloud







What is the cost to develop custom enterprise software?

Our enterprise software development service cost can vary significantly depending on the scope of the project and the complexity it will entail for our enterprise software developer team. That said, we utilize an agile approach that is excellent at achieving desired goals and providing quality results within budget. 

What are the main challenges of software development that your businesses might face?

Enterprise software engineering can be challenging for many businesses lacking resources or using inefficient life cycle management processes and outdated legacy systems. Departmental silos and communication issues add unhelpful inefficiencies, complicating software or application development. 

In addition to the above, most businesses’ needs are constantly evolving. For example, they may have a high volume of incoming new data that lead to new insights or requirements that could further prolong enterprise application development processes, delaying the deployment of finished products. 

By choosing an enterprise software development company like High Seas, you’re entrusting the successful navigation of any enterprise software development challenges and problems to an expert team with a range of distinct skills designed for precisely that. We have the resources, know-how, and experience to navigate your software or application development project so your team can focus on other important aspects of your business. 

Should you outsource custom enterprise software and application development?

Choosing to outsource enterprise software and application development can seem daunting and costly. However, the decision to trust a team of experts with years of experience versus pulling internal resources away from their core focuses almost always turns out better in the long run, both cost-wise and functionality-wise.

Going it alone often has the effect of wasting a bunch of work hours and financial resources to develop software and applications that, at the end of the day, aren’t viable solutions and will require retooling by enterprise application development companies like ours.

When you work with High Seas, you’re choosing a team committed to creating the software or application you’ve been envisioning that undergoes development iterations over time to ensure functionalities are refined, and UX continually improves. Our enterprise software development company endeavors to create solutions that meld art with technology to deliver a truly superb UX/UI that is intuitive, visually pleasing, and enjoyable to use.

What is our custom enterprise software development process?

The first step is to book a call with us so we can learn more about your business needs. From there, we’ll set sail on a collaborative enterprise software development process that will propel your business to new heights.

  1. Discovery: Information gathering and assessment processes clarify the business, brand, and marketing problems High Seas will solve and augment.
  2. Defining: Setting measurable goals and expectations.
  3. Developing: Our enterprise software developers begin building custom software and applications to solve your problems and address pain points.
  4. Delivery: Before our software is considered complete and deployed, it undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing.
  5. Iterating: Testing ensures the best-performing combinations are enabled on the final iteration of custom enterprise software for a more successful user experience. 
  6. Maintenance: Software maintenance, such as enacting updates and patches as needed as part of our enterprise software development services. 
How do we manage custom enterprise software projects?

Most client projects are managed using an iterative approach. Scrum-based Agile methodologies are successful across a broad spectrum of systems, applications, and products. 

What enterprise software solutions do we offer?

We offer a wide range of enterprise software and mobile application solutions to best suit your unique business needs and challenges. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.

How do we manage changes in software development requirements?

It’s unusual for priorities to stay the same throughout the course of a development project, which is why we typically work in one- to two-week sprints with any required adjustments made in between. The beauty of utilizing Agile development processes is that we have the flexibility to redefine sprints as necessary.

Do we provide maintenance for custom application development?

We provide maintenance as needed and typically includes software updates and patches.

Can your team review the code during the development process?

Of course. Our enterprise application development company values transparency and operates from the understanding that the client owns the code.

Do we sign an NDA?

Yes, we have a standard mutual NDA available, but we are more than happy to sign your business’s NDA. 

What is our policy on intellectual property?

Every aspect of the project is 100% owned by the client.

What is our typical team size per project?

Team size per project varies depending on the scope and complexity of deliverables. We’ll assist in building the ideal-sized team for the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Can we take over from your existing enterprise software developer?

Yes, we’d be happy to take over and fix any issues and develop a new strategy that delivers on your expectations and desired solutions.