Enterprise Web Development Designed for Smooth Sailing

Strong UX/UI Design

Your enterprise website should do more than just inform your users, it should provide them with an enjoyable brand experience that gets them excited to work with you. Let us set the wind at your back with a smooth and effective user flow that wins you more business.

Compliance Expertise

Our crew is well-versed in the multitude of regulations faced by corporate enterprises, including oversight and policies to be met, such as PCI compliance for eCommerce, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and ADA compliance for the healthcare industry.

Built for Performance

We handle enterprise web development at every level you need, from integrating with your internal software to building the precise functionality required to create robust and versatile websites that function at peak performance and better drive your operational success.

Onshore Guidance

Our San Francisco based in-house team with decades of combined design and development expertise fundamentally understands the unique challenges faced by big businesses in America to ensure every key detail is considered and accounted for.

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Featured Case Study

Innovative Enterprise Web Design Solutions in Luxury Real Estate

Paragon Real Estate got tired of working with an outdated backend user interface and came to High Seas to reimagine their visual workflow processes. The one-stop dashboard we created was a breath of fresh air for the staff and agents, making daily activities a breeze. Our new interface saved countless work hours, boosted team morale, and improved operational agility to cement Paragon as the Bay Area luxury real estate leader.

Our Corporate Website Development Lifecycle

High Seas: Methodology


Before our crew can work their enterprise web design magic and development skills, we’ll clarify your most pressing business, brand, and marketing challenges to ensure each step we take forward is bringing you greater business efficiency across the board.


We focus on defining measurable goals and project expectations for the most successful outcomes. Defining typically includes interviewing key stakeholders and customers, conducting extensive UX and CX research, and mapping the space between where you are at now and where you need your website to be.


Our enterprise web design team begins the development process by using industry-standardized best practices and proprietary strategies to streamline corporate web development processes for your unique needs.


Before we consider a website development process complete, it undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing that validates we’ve met all project goals, expectations, and business requirements. We deliver a fully-functional, dynamically capable enterprise website design and we ensure the UX/UI meets all design and functionality expectations.


When developing an enterprise website, we utilize an iterative development cycle, which typically consists of one to two-week sprints that focus on refining and implementing subsets of features and capabilities into the whole. 

Each iteration is guided by Usability Testing, A/B Testing, and Multivariate Testing, ensuring we’re on course to achieve the desired User Interface functionalities with the best-performing User Experience.


We are available to manage your website upkeep whenever needed upon request. After experiencing the positive effects of our fluid, dynamic website builds, our clients typically prefer to keep our crew onboard and their website in tip-top shape.

Flexible Solutions for Efficient Enterprise Website Development

We plot a clear course for your corporate website development project to hit your objectives on-time and on-budget while remaining flexible enough to adapt to any necessary course corrections. Our experienced crew knows the best way through or around any challenging circumstance to guide your project smoothly to completion.


Java, Python, PHP


ASP.NET, Node.js, Ruby on Rails

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5

Database Management

SQL (MySQL, Azure SQL, etc) & NoSQL (MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc)


iOS, Android, React Native

Front End

HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React


AWS, Firebase, Microsoft Azure


Usability testing, simple A/B testing, multivariate testing


Figma, Zeplin, Adobe Creative Cloud



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Our team realized early on that technology was going to be a game-changer in the real estate industry. With our vision and High Seas’ expertise, we have been able to build and iterate on valuable marketing and inventory tools that leapfrogged our competitors, advanced and streamlined our daily operations, and set us up for the future by providing excellent quality and service to our agents. High Seas team has been attentive to every detail to make the user experience unparalleled among real estate operational tools.

Brian Wilcox

VP Technology Paragon Real Estate

Expertly Navigating the Challenges of Enterprise Website Development

Consciously Customized

We don’t take a “cookie-cutter,” standard size fits all approach to any project. Your business is unique, and we craft a customized approach to provide enterprise web development services that best suit your unique needs and challenges.

Innovative Solutions

High Seas integrates creative, technological, and scalable solutions for each project to design enterprise websites that guide your users to where they need to be as smoothly as possible while maintaining high-end security protocols,

Collaborative Partnerships

We sail the middle ground between boutique agency client service and big agency design, masterfully representing the best of both worlds. Our iterative enterprise website design process of two-week sprints allows for agile course correction to best hit your goals.

Cutting-edge Expertise

As an expertly-crewed enterprise web development agency, we craft customized industry-leading websites based on sound strategy, innovative technology, close collaboration and thoughtfully-curated design.





What is the cost of developing an enterprise website?

While the cost of our enterprise web development service can vary significantly from project to project depending on the complexity and scope, we employ an Agile development approach that is excellent at accommodating to your budget.

What are the main challenges of enterprise web development that your company might face?

It’s often times challenging for companies to find the internal bandwidth for a large-scale development project requiring attention to detail and expertise in multiple disciplines, such as UX/UI design and technical execution, to create a valuable website. 

Many businesses are also bogged down by inefficient lifecycle management processes on outdated legacy systems and hung up by rigid departmental silos that cause communication issues. 

Other common corporate website development challenges are meeting PCI compliance in eCommerce, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and ADA compliance in the healthcare industry. 

High Seas understands that corporate environments typically carry stringent requirements regarding approval processes, branding guidelines, and governmental regulations, and we prioritize compliance policies wherever necessary.

Should you outsource corporate web development?

Deciding whether to outsource your corporate website development or make do with your in-house team is a challenge for many businesses, which are typically most concerned with the price tag for outsourced development. 

While your in-house team may be capable, choosing to trust an enterprise web development company with years of experience almost always turns out better in the long run. 

Unless you have a dedicated team of web developers, you’ll need to pull internal resources away from their primary focuses and core functions to refocus on your corporate web development. They’ll likely have to either delegate their responsibilities to other staff members or you’ll have to accept receiving less quality on both fronts if they take on enterprise web development projects in addition to other responsibilities. 

Another detriment to assigning corporate website development to in-house staff is that it frequently results in a product that doesn’t fulfill its purpose to expectations and requires retooling or redesigning by a team of experts from an external enterprise web development company. 

At High Seas, we often work with companies who have opted to handle web development by refocusing internal teams or adding it to their list of responsibilities. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you in more depth than is provided here. It often comes down to that old adage: “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

What is our enterprise web development process?

Our corporate website development process consists of six stages, outlined above.

  1. Discovery
  2. Defining
  3. Developing
  4. Delivery
  5. Iterating
  6. Maintenance
How do we manage an enterprise web design project?

For most enterprise website design projects, we use a hybrid approach of Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Generally, UX and wireframes are necessary before we can begin the design phase, and design is necessary before development begins, but ultimately this depends on you and the project timeline. 

If you come to us with a functioning website already in place that just needs to be updated, a Scrum-based Agile approach is typically the most appropriate. When we need to create a new website from scratch, the approach is more linear and sequential.

Our Scrum-based Agile process consists of a series of one to two week sprints; two weeks is the standard duration. We target a different feature, component, functionality, or integration that goes through the entire design and development process during each sprint. 

The result after each two week sprint is a fully functional website increment, meaning at the end of each sprint, we add another piece to the website. Another way to think of this is that you’ll have a real working website throughout each stage of development and it becomes increasingly more sophisticated with each iteration.  

Our enterprise web development agency operates from a position of collaboration with you for each project, ensuring we’re honed in on the most beneficial technology, functionality, and design at each stage. Every two weeks, we give you the opportunity to evaluate progress and reset priorities if necessary, which is an expected part of the development process. This means there’s no surprises for you or our crew for two weeks at a time, streamlining the corporate web development process. 

How do we manage changes in enterprise web development requirements?

A change in website development requirements generally isn’t a problem. The beauty of the iterative, hybrid Agile approach is every week or two, priorities can be reset before the next sprint starts.

Do you provide maintenance for enterprise website development?

Yes, upon client request.

Can my team review the code during the development process?

Yes. We value transparency and the client owns the code from concept to completion. You can view each iteration and change with Github Source Control throughout the development process.

Do you sign NDAs?

Yes, we use NDAs, and can provide a standard mutual NDA if you don’t have one, or use your corporate standard NDA if you prefer.

What is your policy on intellectual property?

The project is 100% owned by the client and High Seas claims no ownership.

What is your typical team size per project?

Though it depends on a project’s specific needs and goals, we typically have 4 - 6 people working on a corporate website development project. 

Can you take over from my existing website developer?

Yes, we’re happy to take over the project from a previous web developer. It’s a common question we have found with clients.