Custom SaaS Development Designed for Smooth Sailing

Multi-tenant Architecture Design

We specialize in SaaS application development with multi-tenant architecture. Users on a shared backend receive consistent UX, network performance, and database access where they can share resources with collaborators, reducing SaaS development and maintenance costs.

Zero Downtime Deployment

Our SaaS development services prioritize accessibility with a fully responsive application during the deployment process. You can rest assured that your users will experience zero downtime while our crew is hard at work adding new features and enhancements.

Secure Data Protection

We embed a layer of security across everything we do to ensure end-to-end protection of your software. Our top-of-the-line SaaS application development services leverage cutting-edge cloud storage and fast data recall for unparalleled multi-tenancy security.

Unique User Customization

Our expert SaaS developers offer flexible app features that are valuable both for different user types and for companies trying to accommodate as wide a range of user needs as possible. Customizing the app to your rigorous specifications is our specialty.

Third-Party Service Integration

SaaS software engineering from High Seas includes an API or custom-built integration features that provide smooth two-way communication between the SaaS app and other company services or data sources.

Dev-Ops Engineering & Enablement

Dev-Ops engineers and consultants build scalable applications relying on configuration management, CI/CD practices, and multi-region deployment. Our approach ensures consistency in integrated systems and resolves issues in real-time to minimize downtime.

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Featured Case Study

Revolutionizing Prescription Processing With Custom SaaS Application Development

Mediscripts wanted to revamp prescription processing and came to High Seas for a paperless solution. We created Mediscripts’ eScript mobile and web applications, leading them to the forefront of the paperless medical records trend while complying with complex medical regulations, third-party integrations, and streamlining medical management systems for operational efficiency.

Our Enterprise Application Development Life Cycle

High Seas: Methodology


SaaS software development begins with information gathering that identifies and clarifies business goals, branding concerns, and the analysis of current market conditions and target audiences. The information uncovered guides which business, brand, and marketing problems we need to focus on and augment solutions for solving. 


We’ll set measurable goals and project expectations through interviews with stakeholders and customers, UX and CX research, as well as testing to evaluate the current state and functionalities of existing technologies.


Next comes the creation of Detail-Level wireframes and prototypes to determine what content will appear on each screen, how it’s organized, and how users will navigate. As part of Prototyping, our SaaS developers identify base-level user roles and functions, the intent and underlying system, and establish content, relationships, and pathways. Following these processes, interactive prototypes are built to test a concept or process to ensure we’re on the right course for each SaaS application development project.

4.Front-End Strategy & Dev

Front-End SaaS development starts with strategizing implementation with UX and Design teams, coordination with Content Management System (CMS) developers to inform project requirements, and technology assessments to implement the optimal technical architecture.

We then schedule the architecture development process, design a Javascript platform for React, Vue, and Angular libraries, and develop code for interactive, animated, and parallax elements.

The custom Front-End is then integrated with CMS platforms to set up information architecture, content blocks, and automated content flow. SCSS files are developed for all page elements from Mobile to Desktop, and iterative testing and quality control through each phase ensures each iteration functions correctly when added to the application.

5.Backend Dev

Our SaaS development company creates an application’s Backend with Full-stack web and mobile app development. We implement shared web, mobile, and native application backends with custom API and 3rd-party system integrations. Backend development also includes Plugin/Module setup or customized development, Bluetooth and Network connectivity and firmware update support for IoT, connected devices, and Wearables. High Seas Saas software development supports all major databases and data sources, including 3rd-party data integrations.


Choosing High Seas as your SaaS application development company means you’ll never receive a half-finished product. Before a new SaaS app is considered complete, it undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing that validates we’ve met all project goals, expectations, and business requirements. All design and development issues are resolved, and UX/UI is checked to ensure we’ve met all design and functionality expectations.


SaaS application development is never “fully complete;” the process is ongoing, requiring continuous updates, patches, and the refinement of features in subsequent software iterations. The hybrid iterative development cycle typically consists of one to two-week sprints focusing on implementing and refining subsets of features and software capabilities.

Each application iteration is guided by Usability Testing, A/B Testing, and Multivariate Testing that ensures we’re on course to achieving the most successful variations of a page or application with the best User Experience in the final iteration.


As your SaaS development company, we will perform app maintenance as needed, such as updates and patches. Upon request, the High Seas crew can provide ongoing software support to ensure it’s always optimally tuned.

Flexible SaaS Tech Stack

We utilize a collection of industry-defined best practices, tools, and technologies for SaaS development. Our crew is fully versed in a wide range of technical disciplines with expertise in every aspect of the following tools and technologies.

We stand ready to craft the streamlined software solutions you’ve dreamt of that can better navigate your business to sail smoothly into the future.


Java, Python, PHP


ASP.NET, Node.js, Ruby on Rails

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5

Database Management

SQL (MySQL, Azure SQL, etc) & NoSQL (MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc)


iOS, Android, React Native

Front End

HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React


AWS, Firebase, Microsoft Azure


Usability testing, simple A/B testing, multivariate testing


Figma, Zeplin, Adobe Creative Cloud



Comprehensive Architecture Pattern Engineering

The software architectural patterns employed by our SaaS application development company are combined to develop the best solutions for your individual needs to meet project expectations for design and functionality.

Back End

  • Multi-tenancy architecture
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Serverless architecture
  • Microservices architecture
  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Event sourcing architecture
  • Domain-driven design (DDD)
  • Clean architecture
  • Decoupled architecture / Headless architecture
  • Multi-tier architecture (including traditional 3-layer)

Front End

  • Model-view-controller (MVC)
  • Single-page application (SPA)
  • Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM)
  • Progressive web app (PWA)
  • Reactive
  • Micro-frontend architecture

The High Seas SaaS crew is eager to show you how we can create the custom SaaS solution to fit your business’s needs. Contact us today to get the software ship sailing.

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Testimonial Quote Marks

It was a great pleasure working with High Seas, a highly organized and competent team who rose to the challenges faced with the integration of several complex third-party APIs into our ePrescribing application.

Thanks to HighSeas’ technical expertise in the medical domain, their ability to proactively prepare, and their timely response to inevitable changes, we executed the engineering of a highly regulated application, which included passing two levels of certifications, all while meeting our aggressive timeline. We look forward to working with High Seas again in the future.

Erez Lapsker

President & CEO MediScripts

Setting Your SaaS Product on Course for Success

Consciously Customized

Every project is unique, and we never use a “cookie-cutter” approach. High Seas crafts a customized best approach for each SaaS application, outfitting the project with the best solutions for your specific needs.

Innovative Solutions

High Seas excels in UX/UI design and technical execution. We integrate creative, technological, and scalable solutions in each custom SaaS development that results in applications capable of handling spikes in users and loads while adhering to high-end security protocols.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our SaaS application development company offers boutique agency client service with big agency design expertise. We closely collaborate with you throughout the duration of the project to identify and execute the most beneficial technology, functionality, and design.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

High Seas crafts industry-leading SaaS applications with a combination of sound strategy and cutting-edge technology. Our team of experienced professionals takes a thoughtful, holistic approach to design, ensuring that each application we create is user-friendly and visually appealing.





What is our custom SaaS development process?

Our custom SaaS software engineering process consists of eight steps you can learn more about above. We begin with Discovery, then move through Defining, Prototyping, Front-End Strategy and Development, Backend Development, Delivery, Iterating, and Maintenance.

What is the cost to develop a custom SaaS application?

While the cost for SaaS development services can vary significantly depending on the complexity and scope of the project, we use a hybrid Agile approach that is great at working within your budget expectations.

What are the main challenges of SaaS development that your company might face?

There are four main SaaS software engineering challenges, but rest assured, challenges will be addressed and overcome with the help of an experienced SaaS development company.

  1. Custom third-party payment integration
    Payment functionalities are typically an essential component of SaaS applications. Our SaaS developers seamlessly create appropriate application parts such as services and facades to integrate external payment services. 
  2. Customizable System
    The entire SaaS system, from the interface up to the underlying system layers, needs to be fully customizable. When you need to customize a subdomain, layout, color scheme, templates, and more, it can be a challenging task, but if designed and tackled in an Agile, lean manner, it can benefit the system in the long run. 
  3. Guaranteeing Zero-Downtime Deployment
    Occasional frustration may arise during development because a system may not be fully accessible to a user when a new system version is released. However, our SaaS development company operates with a zero-downtime deployment strategy, meaning the application remains fully responsive at all times, even during the deployment process.
  4. Managing SaaS Subscription Lifecycle
    The best way to manage SaaS subscription systems is by using pre-built, ready-to-use solutions to organize and execute subscriptions, trailing, upgrading, canceling, and resubscribing processes. Proper management of the entire subscription lifecycle is the key to seamlessly integrating billing systems. 
Should you outsource the project to a SaaS application development company?

Choosing to outsource your SaaS project to a SaaS development company with years of experience, like High Seas, rather than pulling internal resources away from their core functions, almost always turns out better in the long run, both for costs and functionalities.

What is our custom SaaS development process?

Our custom SaaS software engineering process consists of eight steps you can learn more about above [Insert Jump Link]. We begin with Discovery, then move through Defining, Prototyping, Front-End Strategy and Development, Backend Development, Delivery, Iterating, and Maintenance.

How do we manage SaaS development projects?

We use a hybrid approach of Waterfall and Agile methodologies for most SaaS software development projects. Generally, UX and wireframes are necessary before we can begin the design phase. Design is necessary before we start development, but this ultimately depends on you and your project timeline.

If you approach us with an already functioning SaaS app that just needs to be updated, a Scrum-based Agile approach is typically the most appropriate. When we need to create a new app from scratch, a more linear approach is required.

Our Scrum-based Agile process consists of a series of one to two-week sprints. We target a different feature, component, functionality, or integration that goes through the entire design and development process during each sprint. After each two-week sprint, another functional increment is added to the application and can potentially be used immediately.

Every two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate and reset project priorities, which is an expected and encouraged process. Our close collaboration with you throughout the development lifecycle ensures the High Seas crew provides the most beneficial technology, functionality, and design at each stage of development.

What solution does our SaaS application development company offer?
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Bug Testing
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Cloud Migration
  • API Development
  • SaaS Migration (we can restructure your on-premises solution into a SaaS environment or move your existing SaaS app into a new technology without risking data loss or a drop in performance)
  • Security Support
How do we manage changes in SaaS app development requirements?

As an expert SaaS development company, we use an iterative lifecycle management strategy of one to two-week sprints. Before the next sprint starts, you have the opportunity to assess and reset priorities to address changing project requirements.

Do we provide maintenance for SaaS application development?

Yes, upon request High Seas provides maintenance support for SaaS applications.

Can your team review the code during the development process?

Yes, High Seas values transparency, and the client owns the code every step of the way. Code for each step of development can be accessed with Github Source Control.

Do we sign NDAs?

Yes. We can provide a standard mutual NDA if you don’t have one, or we can sign yours if you prefer.

What is our policy on intellectual property?

High Seas takes no ownership, and the project is 100% owned by clients every step of the way.

What is our typical team size per project?

While every project is unique and varies in development requirements according to business needs, timeline, and goals, all projects include a Project Manager and at least one of the following: UX Designer, Graphic Designer, and Web or Mobile Developer.

Can we take over from your existing SaaS application software developer?

Yes, we’re happy to take over a project from a previous SaaS application development company. It’s a relatively common question we get from clients.