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June 3, 2022

Simplified Solutions for Enterprise Web Development Challenges

Enterprise web development is a unique and complex beast. There are a lot of moving parts, and it can be tough to keep track of everything, let alone make sure everything works together seamlessly.

Lucky for you, the experts at High Seas have compiled some solutions to the most common web development challenges that will help you develop a better enterprise website. 

Our crew at High Seas would love to discuss your company’s user needs and how we can develop an intuitive website design that hits all the marks on your wishlist as your enterprise web development company.

Enterprise Web Development Challenges and Solutions

There are many web development challenges to consider when approaching an enterprise web development project. Some challenges are more common than others, but it’s essential to have a developer team with the technical aptitude to find solutions to any and all problems that may arise.

Technical Expertise and Experience

The developer team you choose, whether in-house or outsourced, plays a vital role in the success of your corporate website development. Before beginning the development process, you must gain a complete, comprehensive understanding of your company’s specific needs and business objectives.

The real question is, should you pursue enterprise website development in-house or with an outsourced team? An in-house team tends to be more expensive than an outsourced team. This is because you need to pay the developers' salaries and provide the benefits that come with hiring employees. An in-house developer team might not have the same expertise as the outsourced professionals. However, they’ll likely better understand your company culture and values. 

Depending on the project’s requirements and scope, it’s usually better to ensure that the developer team you use for your website development are experts in their fields so that you can trust them to execute your project smoothly. 

Choosing outsourced custom web development services might seem daunting and costly at first. However, trusting a team of experts with proven success in building the type of enterprise website your organization needs saves you from pulling internal developers away from their core functions. Outsourcing to professionals almost always turns out better in the long run, because finding the right development team to work in-house can be enormously expensive both in cost and time. 

Web Development Solution

At High Seas, we put together a team with the specific skills needed for each project. For example, if your website must be HIPAA compliant, we’ll ensure the right features and functionalities are integrated. 

By working with a professional web development company, businesses can rest assured that their enterprise web development project is in capable hands from start to finish.

Browser Compatibility

One of developers' most common web development challenges is ensuring browser and platform compatibility. To develop a thriving enterprise web solution, it’s imperative that your enterprise website works and displays correctly on your expected users’ browsers and their devices of differing screen sizes.

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Here are the top tips to ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility: 

  • Validating HTML and CSS
  • Maintaining layout compatibility
  • Using CSS resets
  • Providing user support for basic features of the application
  • Checking for JavaScript issues
  • Checking DOCTYPE tag
  • Testing web portal development on real devices 
  • Using frameworks and libraries that support cross-browser compatibility
  • Ensuring ADA accessibility compliance

To combat web development challenges associated with browser compatibility, the developers at High Seas run operability tests on every web development project.


An important aspect of custom web development services, user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design includes all the visual elements that users can interact with on a website. Everything users see on their screen and everything they can click on to guide their experience on your website falls under the UI/UX development umbrella. 

Developing intuitive website navigation presents a typical web development challenge. With inexperienced web developers, navigation is often neglected. However, if users grow confused or frustrated navigating your website, it’s challenging to maintain their loyalty. 

Intuitive website design creates a better user experience by providing a flawless, smooth experience with a user’s desired information easily accessible and readily available. 

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  • Developing a thorough understanding of your target user audience
  • Adding user accessibility features for people who interact with your website differently
  • Designing clear and easy navigation menus
  • Using easy-to-read typography 
  • Incorporating engaging and defined visual elements
  • Keeping design consistent across all web pages

Performance & Speed

During enterprise website and web portal development, performance and speed are significant challenges to address and consider because Google and other search engines prioritize site speed at any traffic volume. You'll need to ensure optimal speed and performance if you want your website to be found by your intended audience during Google searches. 

Every second counts with online businesses, and you may only get one chance to hook a user. If your site has slow web performance, that creates a negative user experience, and you’ve likely lost that user. 

Some web development challenges associated with performance result from poorly written code, unoptimized databases, data growth that’s gone unmanaged with poor load distribution, server or application configuration issues, and spikes in traffic volume. 

Web Development Solution
The following tips can help you optimize the performance of your enterprise web solution:

  • Choosing an appropriate web hosting provider
  • Leveraging browser caching 
  • Using a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Optimizing images and visual elements 
  • Focusing on writing mobile-first code 
  • Minimizing the time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Removing unused plugins
  • Minifying and combining CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files 
  • Fixing or removing any broken URLs

Website Scalability

As businesses grow, many companies find that their enterprise website can no longer keep up with web traffic and the increased user demands on web functionalities. This is a significant problem. As mentioned above, a slow or unresponsive website can quickly lose customers and damage a business’s reputation. 

Web Development Solution
The following solutions focus on improving website scalability: 

  • Applying cloud computing strategies drastically improves website performance 
  • Predicting increased web demand events and preparing the server to handle high influxes of web traffic 
  • Load testing and analysis to prepare for spikes and expected increases in demand
  • Asking your web host provider for tips
  • Optimizing website code and databases
  • Caching to keep your website running smoothly during high demand

You can avoid scalability issues and find the solutions to them yourself by working with a professional enterprise web development company that will ensure your website is prepared to handle increases in web traffic without crashing.

Future-Proof Features

During corporate website development, it’s essential to consider how your website will provide solutions for the future, not just today. Taking a “future-proof” approach to web portal development and incorporating changes based on user needs and feedback will help ensure your website remains beneficial as time passes. 
Web Development Solution
You can implement these solutions into your website construction to help future-proof the site and its functionalities:

  • Using a stable, proven tech stack will help keep your website relevant and up to date without any significant bugs in the long term 
  • Designing and developing your website to account for projected business growth to support additional users and database and server capacity 
  • Using add-on functionality supported within the website architecture for future scalability and feature extensibility so there is no need to redesign or redevelop your website completely


Cyber threats and risks continue to increase as we move toward a more digitalized world, and your enterprise web security should be at the top of your list of priorities. Robust web security is even more important if your website deals with critical customer data such as personally identifiable information and payment details. 

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At the top of the list of web development challenges to address should be your security processes and protocols. The following tips will help ensure you’re maintaining a high degree of security:

  • Using strong password protection, such as complex passwords or two-factor authentication, to minimize security threats
  • Securing user data safety and restricting user access to parts of your website containing sensitive information 
  • Enabling SSL, a standard security technology that allows encrypted communication between your web browser and server. SSL also helps protect sensitive data such as credit cards, Social Security numbers, email, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Implementing third-party security solutions can cover server protection, identity verification, and encrypted data

Maintenance & Support

Once a website goes live, you’ll deal with additional web development challenges. Many businesses underestimate the time and effort required to properly maintain a website, which eventually results in their website showing errors or broken functionalities. 

Working with an inexperienced or unprofessional team can make it even more challenging to maintain your enterprise website and retain high performance. 

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Partner with High Seas for Your Next Enterprise Website Journey

The crew at High Seas is available to provide you with custom web development services backed by diverse specialties and years of team member expertise that have led to a history of successful development projects and happy clients. 

There are many web development challenges to tackle when building enterprise websites. Fortunately for enterprises like yours, High Seas has a host of up-to-date web development solutions that will solve any issues and keep your website running smoothly and as intended. 

Contact us today to get your web development journey headed in the right direction, from planning to launching! 

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