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As a global company, Nike needs no introduction. Their brand awareness is flawless and their involvement in local, national, and world sports competitions is well-known and unrivaled.For this project, we joined forces with a partner agency, a power player in the data visualization realm. Their mission is to eliminate static business documents like Excel and PowerPoint, and empower companies with their smarter and more dynamic Business Performance Platform.


Our partner agency came to us for help with a quick turnaround request from one of their biggest clients, Nike. Their small team needed to leverage their data visualization app to aggregate real-time data across social media channels during an international event, but they lacked the bandwidth and programming expertise.

The dream was a dynamic, real-time dashboard of social media insights that would extract and analyze engagement through posts, tweets, likes, shares, and hashtags during the World Cup. We had only a couple weeks before kickoff to implement, integrate, aggregate, and populate their interactive designs.

Mosaic layout of Nike World Cup mobile app metrics.

The partner agency rapidly on-boarded the High Seas team with a series of spreadsheet tables, designs, and social media account credentials. Due to the urgency of the request, the project had to be ultra-agile: as soon as we extracted and integrated each metric, we published to the site.

Throughout the process, our team worked with them to develop big data tools in line with their desired metrics, optimize algorithms, adapt to constraints of the social media API rules, and implement more relevant metrics. Our front-end developers took basic conceptual assets and modified them for web and mobile platforms, refining colors and shapes with special attention to clarity and responsiveness.

Tablet device showing page from Nike World Cup mobile app.
Page from Nike World Cup mobile app.

Unlike most of our projects, this Social Media Dashboard was never considered “done” until we shut it down at the end of the World Cup. We continuously improved, added, and expanded both the metrics and the integrations as new insights were uncovered throughout the course of the event.

The beauty of working with real-time data and with an innovative team like our agency partner that is dedicated to visualization, is that the end goal is never a product but the continued pursuit of clear delivery of information. In the end, we successfully integrated this intuitive, scalable, and data-driven social media platform for Nike, which successfully analyzed and delivered user-friendly metrics in real-time.

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