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Reimagining a Carbon-Free Future

The Client

Origis Energy is a leading independent power producer (IPP) based in Florida that works with utilities, developers and large corporate off-takers to help them reach their decarbonization goals. Drawing from decades of experience in financing and developing solar projects, as well as extensive expertise in energy storage and emerging decarbonization solutions like clean hydrogen, Origis has put in place industry-leading infrastructure and processes that help customers move confidently and cost-effectively toward a carbon-free future.

The Project

The company had been building toward a position of industry leadership for 15 years and came to High Seas looking for help communicating its strengths and capabilities to a wider audience. Having strategically moved from project financing to development to, more recently, a long-term ownership stance as an IPP, has meant a change in both focus and mission. As the company expands its vision for decarbonization, it now faces the challenge of communicating the evolving scope of its offerings to customers, partners and investors.

The Origis Website offers the user an immersive experience on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

To drive home the breadth of its offerings, Origis named five distinct teams within the organization, and was looking to craft content to speak to the evolving areas of focus and strengths. Origis asked High Seas to reimagine and restructure their website and to re-energize their branding through a bold new look and new brand language that would connect more effectively to their core values. The company also wanted to ensure that their website, and other public-facing materials spoke directly and effectively to their target audience and their unique needs.

UX and design standards for the Origis Company Website
High Seas and Origis worked together to organize and modernize their information design. High Seas and Origis combined forces to transform their messaging. High Seas helped Origis with a brand transformation.
The Approach

The High Seas team began by conducting extensive interviews with Origis leadership to inform audience targeting, pain points, value proposition and other key information that would help them connect with potential customers. Armed with this information, our UX expert created a custom site structure and wireframes of the unique pages to help guide outcome-oriented content and design strategy.

To reach more customers and address their unique perspectives, the High Seas UX and content strategy teams devised three ways into the messaging – approaching it from the standpoint of audience needs, as well as by organizational function and the company’s core capabilities. Our design team worked to bring the brand and its capabilities to life through compelling imagery; intuitive layout; and eye-catching, evocative motion.

High Seas created an engaging Home Page for Origis that includes scroll effects and content reveals.

The real engine room of the website is a custom, interactive project map that would need to stand out from the competition in both look and functionality. High Seas designed and built the map knowing that the most effective and straightforward way to communicate Origis Energy’s commitment to growth, the scope of its impact, and its financial strength after a recent game-changing investment would be a detailed, informative and highly interactive view of its projects and pipeline.

With the ability to view projects and decarbonization data on a state-to-state basis, and to see where projects sit in their lifecycle, utilities and corporations looking for decarbonization solutions would have a clear indication that their partner has the experience, the financial leverage and the infrastructure to help them meet their goals.

High Seas created an interactive map to demonstrate the comprehensive growth of Origis

To underline the latest brand priorities, released in conjunction with Origis’ 15th anniversary, High Seas worked closely with company stakeholders to conceive of and create an impactful and informative brand video that would provide context for the company’s central vision: Reimagining Zero.

The video incorporates key brand elements and uses carefully selected imagery to tell the story of Origis Energy’s core values and how they make a real difference in achieving customer goals and making a significant real-world impact.

The Result

Origis Energy unveiled its new website and brand video as part of its 15th Anniversary celebration, where the company highlighted its expanded scope as a long-term asset owner and IPP through its new brand language: Reimagining Zero – a tagline tied deeply to Origis’ core values and capabilities. The dynamic new website offers greater detail on their unique capabilities and a focus on customer testimonial, while also demonstrating Origis Energy’s thought leadership through regularly updated news and insights section. 

Customers, investors and other visitors to the new Origis Energy site can expect a more intuitive site structure and navigation, highly digestible key messaging, and clearer paths to the kinds of solutions they’re looking for when they head to the site. Both the website and brand video speak to Origis Energy’s core audience in language that is meaningful to them; effectively communicating the company’s core functions, strengths and differentiators; and – most important of all – inspiring action.

High Seas partnered with Origis to build a comprehensive Corporate Website.
High Seas worked with Origis to develop a more efficient UX while designing their Website.


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