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Weaving a Timeless Craft  into Digital Space

The Client

When we first met the Palecek family they were in a common position of having a site that had aged beyond its usefulness. Their old site was not mobile friendly, did not include online ordering, and was insufficient to support their customers, not to mention represent their brand.

With a focus on storytelling, we created an immersive experience with a close up look at the details & craftsmanship of Palecek pieces. The site includes new sections dedicated to Residential & hospitality inspiration, custom fabric & finishes, and panning videos to help you visualize the product as if you're in the showroom.

High Seas worked with Palecek to develop an eCommerce site that is highly responsive and tablet-friendly.
The Project

The focus of our partnership has been on how to modernize their digital brand without compromising on the core essence of their company. They needed to present their product in an elegant platform as a way for designers to incorporate their own vision onto the canvas of Palecek. While highlighting the craftsmanship and beauty we also needed to provide refined experiences for enhanced functionality, a customization feature, and process complex orders.

Showcasing Palecek's stunning, hand-crafted furniture was a priority for High Seas when designing the website.

Thumb Friendly Shopping

Beautiful product photography and showroom displays can only tell so much of the story. With our custom implementation of UGC Emplify social & eCommerce tools, product data can be added to Designer & Customer images, inspiring site visitors to shop real-world environments.

High Seas put meticulous detail into the design of the mobile website for Palecek.Ensuring a delightful user experience for mobile devices was important to High Seas throughout the entire development process.
 High Seas wanted to focus on the Palecek design process while designing and developing their corporate website. High Seas wanted the Palecek website to be more than a simple eCommerce website.

Palecek’s branch of hospitality services were folded into the website with an integrated gallery of installations and well-rounded story to showcase the company’s capabilities and services.

 High Seas worked closely with Palecek to ensure their website was an accurate reflection of their high-end craft.
The Approach

Every client comes with their own unique set of systems to work with. In this case, we were tasked with providing high-end design on top of a standardized furniture-sales platform. The High Seas Creative team collaborated closely to ensure that every aspect of the design could be implemented within the third-party framework. 

The stakeholders at Palecek expected and supported the same care, time, and attention-to-detail that is given to each one of their products.

The Palecek website was designed to feel like a gallery display by the High Seas design team.
Beautiful imagery was supplied by Palecek for the High Seas designed eCommerce site.
High Seas wanted to capture the Palecek story when designing their eCommerce website.

By providing an elegant canvas to showcase Palecek products, we allow designers to see each piece in their own vision. A customization tool allows each piece to be viewed with a combination of fabric and finish to help designers hone their selections and with a new inspiration gallery and designer portfolio section we help bring those visions to life in new ways.

The biggest change for Palecek customers is the ability to order directly from the website, a carefully considered shopping process that maintains the curated, personal touch of working directly with a Palecek sales rep.

 Whether on a mobile devices or a desktop computer, the High Seas designed Palecek website is an engaging experience.

“We wanted the website to be just as beautiful as the furnishings we create, with the same thoughtful design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that you’ll find in every Palecek piece.”

- Andrew Palecek


Leveraging a Product into a Lifestyle Brand