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August 5, 2022

Bridge the Recession Gap By Outsourcing Software Development Projects

When your company begins a software development project, and you need to reduce your employees to bridge the recession gap, outsourcing to a team of expert developers is one of the easiest ways to save on labor costs.

Outsource your software development project to a professional software development company like High Seas. Our team of software development experts will walk you through the entire developmental process, from start to finish. By the end of our introductory meeting, you’ll have a fairly close estimate of how much you’ll need to budget for your software development project.

Effective Ways to Develop Software When Your Organization Needs to Reduce Headcount During a Recession

There are ways to reduce staff and labor costs during a recession or other periods of economic instability. These strategies will help you keep more coins in your coffers and allow your business to weather the storm.

Review Current Development Processes

In some instances, such as an economic recession, your business may need to reduce labor costs with a staff reduction while simultaneously requiring new software development. If this is the boat your company finds itself in, the first step is to take an in-depth look at your current business practices and processes to see where there may be room for improvement. 

Reviewing your software development process from start to finish helps pinpoint areas for improvement in your business processes.

Automate Business Processes and Outsource Software Development

An enormous benefit of the digital era that allows companies to reduce staff at any given time is the automation of repetitive manual tasks, which leads to quicker turnaround times. Businesses turn to automation as the answer because it’s generally easier to manage and more cost-effective than utilizing human resources. 

Choosing to outsource software development is another option your business should consider when you need to reduce headcount and overhead costs. Outsourcing developers for your next software development project allows your company to reduce labor costs while maintaining company focus on your core competencies. 

With outsourced software development, your organization will save time and money, and you’ll be working with experienced professionals who are up to date on the most innovative technological solutions. 

Even companies with an in-house development team struggle to stay on top of the latest trends in software development. Proficient software developers like High Seas can explain the benefits of software outsourcing and help your organization decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Software Development

A handful of things to consider before beginning an outsourced software development project range from location to cost to company culture. These factors will help you prepare for the outsourcing process in order to effectuate a staff reduction and keep your business thriving during economic recessions.

Software Development Company’s Location

Other than the expertise of a software outsourcing company, the most critical factor when choosing outsourced developers for your project is often their location. Software development tends to go much smoother when easy collaboration is possible between the client and developer. 

If you’re a US-based company, the wisest decision is usually to choose a US-based company for outsourced software development. Not only does the US lead in attracting and retaining top tech talent, but you’ll also avoid other complications that may arise when outsourcing software development overseas. 

Whether you hire a US-based developer or a company based elsewhere, it’s a good idea to ensure they’re located in a time zone that facilitates quick, efficient communication back and forth. If any issues or questions come up, it’s best to handle them quickly. 

Collaboration and smooth communication become more difficult if you’re in different time zones or your outsourced developer team doesn’t speak the same native language as your team. This can slow development time or result in miscommunications quickly becoming expensive.

Objectives and KPIs

When outsourcing software development projects, there are several factors related to objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should keep in mind. A prepared project is usually a successful project.

  • Find a software developer who is aligned with your project’s goals and has a proven track record of successful development cycles for similar projects. 
  • Establish clearly defined objectives and KPIs from the project’s onset. Keep everyone on the same page—both your team and your developer’s team. 
  • Ensure you and your company or project’s stakeholders clearly understand the software development process. This helps to avoid surprises and achieve project completion on time and within budget.

Development Cost

Before beginning any software development project, you’ll need to consider the cost carefully. Different factors will affect the cost of software development. These factors include the size and complexity of the software project, where the outsourced developers are located, and their level of experience. 

It’s a good idea to shop around and request quotes from a few different software development companies. Once you’ve received quotes for your project, compare the qualities and price to determine which development company best fits your objectives.

Software Development Company’s Culture

When considering which company to outsource software development to, you’ll also want to consider the company culture, as it can impact factors such as communication style, work hours, decision-making processes, and more. 

You can learn about a software development company’s culture by observing their public-facing personas on social media pages and websites and during your introductory meeting. You’ll increase the chance of successful software development with your chosen company by learning how they get things done.

Communication and Collaboration Process

Outsourcing developers requires effective communication between you and the development team to run a successful, efficient project. You’ll need to discuss details and requirements with your team and the development team, collaborate on changes, and provide feedback over the course of the project. 

Companies in every industry use popular messaging and project management platforms to facilitate open communication streams. These platforms include Skype, Slack, and Trello, and each comes with its share of strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re working with a software developer in a different time zone, taking the time to establish clear communication channels from the project’s onset is even more important, as you’ll need to be able to trust that the other party can respond and collaborate within a reasonable timeline.

Security Access and Protocols

When outsourcing software development, it’s essential to ensure the highest level of security, as you’ll be passing the developers sensitive information. Ineffective security practices can be dangerous for both your company and the development company if the sensitive information gets into the hands of malicious attackers. 

Before signing a contract with the outsourced development company, consider the security measures they’ll take to protect your sensitive information and data. It's vital that the developers focus on securing the premises and safeguarding intellectual property and source code. These precautions will ensure your data is safe and secure, even if you’ve recently downsized staff.

How to Outsource Software Development Effectively 

Outsourcing your software development project can help you reduce staff and save money. You’ll get a high-quality software project without breaking the bank. Some tips on how to outsource software effectively include:

  • Clearly define your project’s scope and requirements with the greatest level of detail to make it easier for your outsourced developers to deliver your software with all the necessary functionalities and attributes.
  • Do your research and choose a reputable outsourced software development partner. Read reviews, compare prices, and learn about their company culture before making a decision.
  • Another great way to ensure you’ll work well together is to start with a trial project and provide the developers feedback. You’ll see how they communicate with their team and your team, how effectively they follow your project instructions, and how they plan their workload to meet the project’s scheduled deadlines.

Allow Us to Captain Your Next Software Development Project for Smooth Sailing

Downsizing staff and outsourcing your software development project to High Seas will help your business navigate a recession period while remaining above water. You’ll save time and money, reduce employees and reduce labor costs, and avoid the headache of taking on too much work in-house.

Contact the crew at High Seas today, and let us captain your next software development project toward successful completion. 

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